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- Visit Website: View available services and find out how to contact us.

- Basic Project Info: What is the scope of your project? How many unique buildings? Who is the target
audience? What is the message you are trying to convey? What is your timeline for completion?

- Receive Fee Proposal: After I have calculated the time required to execute the deliverables, I will
provide you with a fee proposal and estimated completion date.

- Accept Proposal: This is where the fun begins!

- Send Me Your Files: All CAD files, site images, and other reference materials that may contain details
that will improve the overall quality and authenticity of the 3D model.

- Visualization Begins: I begin work on your project and provide consistent communication.

- Project Completion: Deliverables will be sent as outlined in the proposal.

- Final Payment Upon Delivery

DALEY RENDERINGS, LLC ~ P.O. Box 43329, Cincinnati, Ohio 45243 ~ ~ (513) 518-1236